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4 Cost Effective Advertising Tips For Landscapers

It’s simple really, the cheaper your advertising costs are, the more profit you will make. Now I’ve personally had successful advertising in newspapers, magazines and directory books but it can be done better, for cheaper and I wish somebody sat me down and told me this step by step.

If this is your first business and your unsure if it’s going to even work out, than try a short 1 month newspaper campaign to see if there’s demand in your area. Once you have done this successfully, it will be time to smarten up so you can build your business much more efficiently money wise and time wise.

1. First things first, build a website. I have neglected this in the past and this has been a major regret. A website can be built cheaply and will centralise your marketing, making it easier to convince people to use your services. It will cost you a fraction of any other advertising. I love the fact that people will contact you for a quote and have virtually made the decision to go with your services. This will save you a load of time.

2. Next put your web address eg.  www.landscaperhq.com  on your business card, flyers, social media and on any free sites like www.gumtree.com. This is good for search engines like Google who will see your site as a site that people use and they will rank you higher when people search for services like lawn mowing in your area.(Remember, Google is always watching)

3. Now it’s time to take it to a whole new level.  You need to start calling other tradesman in your area who have a decent website and talk to them about recommending each other online. You put their website on your website and vice versa. This will give you exposure to all their clients, friends, family and any advertising they have. Now imagine having 5 or 6 of these deals in place.

4. You can chase the bigger customers, eg. Landscape Designers, hotels, schools, etc. You can begin to email them on a regular basis with your website address in the email so they can look at your site any time of day, and be making a decision before they even pick up the phone. Remember, some of these organisations may be looking for a landscaper and you can email a larger group of organisations in a small amount of time. And it’s free.

So follow these 4 steps and you will be years ahead of a lot of business and will be well on the way to becoming a successful business person. In the comments below, leave me a message if you have any questions or feel free to put your landscaping website address up for all to see.

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