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A smarter way to invoice clients

I have to admit, after a 12 hour day, the last thing I want to do is paperwork. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always work long hours, but when I do, I’m so thankful that I have an invoice system linked to my bookkeeping system.


This is what would normally happen. I finish for the day, I jump into my vehicle, start the engine to warm it up and jump onto Freshbooks on my iPhone (Android options available). Within a minute or two I can pump out a heap of invoices. I send them via email and the invoices are stored in my bookkeeping system and sent straight to my client. Done and one major pain in the arse sorted out!


I also enter my expenses on the spot by taking a photo, selecting the expense category and then punching in the price. It’s seriously easy and super quick.


What is really cool is the cloud feature. I can jump onto my laptop and the information is there, I don’t need to panic if my laptop or my phone gets damaged or stolen because it’s stored in the cloud.


Freshbooks also enables reports to be produced, such as profit and loss statement, balance sheet and 20 other useful reports. To be able to produce a report instantly when going for a loan is so convenient, believe me!


Other features include, quoting, who owes what, how much is owed and bank reconciliation capabilities. But my favorite feature (or weapon as I like to think of it,) is that Freshbooks will tell you when a client has looked at your invoice. I think this is an incredibly valuable bit of information. You can tell if clients are honest or full of it. Believe me, you may be some surprised.


The price is a complete bargain when you consider all of features, the time you save and most importantly being able to focus on the client and the work at hand. So, you can use it for free but you are restricted to 3 clients. The next bracket is $19.95 per month for 25 clients. The program I use is is $29.95 per month for unlimited clients. So I recommend signing up for the free usage and then have a play around on it. If you love it like I did, then you will have no problem justifying the price. Here is my link to check it out. Freshbooks

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