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Expanding your service options


My very first business (excluding childhood ventures) was a roof gutter cleaning business. Even though I was charging top dollar for my service, the newspaper I was advertising in was also charging top dollar (the internet wasn’t that big back then). So my biggest problem was covering advertising costs.


If only I had the experience and skills I have today. What I could have done was cross sell a whole heap of services. For instance, when quoting clients, I could have used this opportunity to market a range of other services I provide.


Also, I could have run two advertisements and trialled them against each other to see which one was more successful. This experiment would work out which mix of services are best and find out exactly what people are looking for – a great form of market research!


Now, I’m a strong believer that you should never advertise every service you offer. Why you might ask, because most people have a limited attention span. This applies to business cards too. So put your best ideas forward.


Below you will find a list of useful services. Please feel free to add some more in the comments.


Pressure CleaningGutter Guard Installation

Chainsaw Work

Tree Lobbing

Window Cleaning

Outdoor furniture supply

Webber/bbq cleaning

Rose pruning

Fence repair

Pest spraying

Herbicide spraying

WateringIrrigation Installation & Repair

Turf Laying & Repair

Garden Clean up

Vegetable advice

Fruit tree pruning


Deck restoring

Retaining walls


Hanging basket displays

Lawn MowingBrushCutting




Security cameras

Living walls

Small concreting jobs

Pot plants

Flower displays


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