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Small customers can lead to big business!

Most landscape / lawn care businesses will usually have a basic strategy in place for their business. This strategy would be to take on as many customers as possible, so they can turn a profit and survive. Then once they have a descent amount of work on, they will become selective in whom they service.


They usually set a minimum fee or a minimum amount of hours that a client must agree to. This strategy cuts down on travel time which is a smart move, BUT it’s not always the best idea under certain situations, especially if you want to employee people.


Putting on the first employee is daunting but if you have a large customer base which you have good relationships with, you will be on the right path to expanding. The more people you know the better chance you have for referrals.


Now I recommend this strategy in moderation. I personally will do a small job every day if it’s close to a big client as this cuts down on travel time.


This is a marketing tool, so you need to build a relationship and then ask to be referred. That’s right, you need to ask or you might be waiting a lifetime before you get referred. You might not feel comfortable with this but let’s analyse this.


A referral is better than a customer you have no ties with. Firstly, when a referral calls you, they will always leave a message. A new client might not, and will most likely look for another person to ring. A referral is less likely to try and beat you down on price, more likely to trust you and there is usually more mutual respect because nobody wants a bad reputation. Finally, the best part about receiving a referral is that they are more likely to refer you on, it’s funny how that works.


Remember it’s up to you to ask for a referral and don’t be too hasty when you are getting rid of clients as they may be a referral rich gold mine.


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